Tuesday 3 July 2012

More Diana Ware Pottery

My collection of Diana ware pottery has grown from one piece to five over the past month. I just love the colours in the glazes they used. Looks like another collection looming.

Two Diana wall pocket vases
Diana posy ring vase and bowl

The two wall pockets were obtained from the last Collectorama fair. I bought these both from the same seller. Apparently she'd had them for quite some time and these vases had travelled to England and back with her when she had lived there for awhile.
Diana wall pocket vase impressed '31' on back - about 20cm tall

Diana wall pocket vase impressed '30' on back - about 20cm tall

This type of vase was made to hang on a nail or hook on the wall, hence the name wall pockets. I wonder how many fell of the wall over the years. In truth, they are probably safer hanging on the wall than other vases were standing on a shelf or table. Both these vases share the same glaze.

The oval posy ring vase was bought from the latest Alladins Fair. I love this sweet little vase.
Diana oval posy ring vase - about 21cm x 15cm

I nearly didn't buy this vase as it has no identifying marks on it and this area of collecting was very new to me. I was fairly sure it was Diana when I was looking at it as the colours were very typical of Diana pottery glazes. So I took the chance and bought it. I have since seen the exact same vase identified a number of times as Diana pottery. Glad I went with my gut feeling.

The last piece of Diana pottery is an oval bowl, maybe a fruit bowl also found at the same Alladins fair.
Diana oval bowl - about 23cm x 16cm

This piece has the same glaze as the posy vase, only the colours have been reversed this time. I have seen a lot of Diana ware that has the same glazes in a variety of combinations. They all differ a little as they were hand done.

Rather indistinct Diana mark except for the impressed 'G2' mark
All these vases would date from the post World War II period, probably the 1950s. These pieces of pottery look good displayed together as the consistent colours and glazes compliment each other. Sometime I will have to set them all up somewhere and take some photos for a future post.


  1. I have a selection od diana ware for sale.
    where do I go?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your query. I am always interested in looking at some more pieces of Diana that someone might want to sell. Feel free to contact me by email with more details and preferably some photos of what you have to offer. My contact email can be found by going to 'View my complete profile', just below my photo at the top right hand corner of this page.
      Thanks, John

  2. Hi Johnnyfive

    Congratulations on the great blog. Keep up the good work with the fairs updates.

    We too have just recently purchased our first Diana pottery. We've had a bit of a job finding accurate marks lists to date it. Would you happen to know where a marks list might exist on the internet for Diana Pottery?


    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad someone is getting something from the fairs updates.

      The best link that I had found to a site about Diana Pottery seems to not be available any longer. I just tried it and it came up blank. Sorry about this.

      There is an excellent book, however, that lists all the pottery marks for Australian potters. Unfortunately it will probably cost you about $100 which I find to be way too dear for me and it also may be hard to find a copy. I have been fortunate enough to be able to borrow it from my bottle and collectables club library.
      This book’s 240 A5 pages contains over 1,600 illustrated potter’s marks with biographies and dates representing over 660 art, studio, domestic and commercial Australian potters, China painters and decorators. It covers the period from European settlement to 1975.

      Hope this has been of some help to you. I will let you know if I come across any good lists on the internet.

      Thanks, John

  3. Hi John,
    Any tips on hanging Diana wall vases into plasterboard? What I tried didn't work and I want to make sure they are secure!
    Cheers, Susan

    1. Hi Susan,
      I understand your concern about having your precious wall vases securely hanging on the wall. I don't have this problem where I live as all our walls are lined in timber so it is very easy for me to securely fix things on to the walls. All I can suggest is that you speak to someone at your local hardware store. If they are any good, they should know what will work best in your situation.
      Sorry I couldn't be of more help,

  4. I have a small white Diana Vase with a flower on the front, V 36-3 Diana Australia and a lady on the base in blue. Can anyone tell me anything about it please

  5. Being called Diana has led me to be an avid collector of Diana ware and I find it particularly hilarious as my Mother desperately didn’t want that name !! I believe it was due to the pottery of that era/1962 and living in country Australia. Haaha. I wondered if you’d like to sell the wall vases as Im trying for 3 vases on a wall/ as in 3 ducks…
    Cheers Diana


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