Tuesday 28 August 2018

I Love Vintage Cars - 2018 RACQ Motorfest (Part 2)

As promised, here is another selection of fine vintage cars from the 2018 RACQ Motorfest. I believe that many cars in this selection are owned by QVVA (Queensland Vintage Vehicle Association) members. It's been a life long dream of mine to own a vintage car and be part of a club such as this. In the meantime, I'll just keep saving up my pennies and see what opportunities arise that may help me fulfil my dreams.

I hope you enjoy this group of photos.

Pretty blue Model A Ford

This nice old Dodge was for sale.

1922 Oldsmobile. Love the extra seats in the back, maybe for the kids.

Another nice early Dodge, truck this time.

Beautiful Auburn. Looks great with the Q number plate and the dicky / rumble seat.

Another great looking Dodge, 1925.

Classy looking 1927 Oldsmobile

1929 Chrysler. Another classy looking car.

1927 Chevrolet. Looks nice in its yellow paint work.

Still got lots more photos of some great looking cars to share.
Maybe I will need to put them on another post sometime.

Tuesday 31 July 2018

I Love Vintage Cars - 2018 RACQ Motorfest (Part 1)

It's been 6 years since I last went to the RACQ Motorfest in Brisbane. As expected, this years event was just as good as the previous one which I attended. Hundreds of great cars on display with enough variety to appeal to every car lovers taste. 
My favourites have always been the vintage cars.
"I Love Vintage Cars".
Below is just a sample of some of the cars that were on display.

Very early Rambler on the RACQ display
Love the large, single, brass headlight. But what a pain to keep that beauty polished.

"George" the 1934 Daimler Straight-Eight V26 Limousine.
This vehicle was used in the Coronation of King George V1. 

"George" again with a nice little white MG in the background.

"Bertha" the 1955 R Series Bently Saloon.
Another classic luxury vehicle.

Can't get more stylish than this classic.
A 1928 Rolls Royce Phantom II.

What great lights.

The 6 Cylinder, 468 C.I. engine of the Rolls.

The Rolls Royce interior.

1929 Austin Seven Albert Sports

Nice moto meter made by Boyce on the Austin Seven Albert.

Another Austin Seven. Had a nice chat to the owner of this one. Very cute little car and wouldn't take up much space in the garage.

Austin Seven interior.

1933 Chevrolet pickup.

Appropriate number plate for a 1933 pickup. I wonder if they call her 'Pup'.

Beautiful 1932 Chevrolet Moonlight Speedster. Red really suits her.

Love the Moonlight Speedster's dicky seat, also known as a 'Mother In-Law Seat'. Wonder what it would be like riding up there?

Morgan 3 Wheeler.
I believe this one is a modern interpretation (first released in 2011) of the early ones, so not strictly vintage, but still a great looking car.

Definitely wouldn't want to run into the car in front of you in this.

Cosy sports interior of the Morgan.

Bobtail rear on the Morgan

Beautifully restored blue Chevrolet, possibly 1928.

She looks beautiful from all angles. Such a pretty car.

These classics are just a sample of what was there. Stay tuned and I'll share some more beauties in another post soon.

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