Monday 9 July 2012

Sammy's Weigh In

Thought you might like to see how I use one of my collectables. I weigh babies with it. Well really only my gorgeous Grandson Sammy so far, but the invitation is open to any other babies out there.

My No 2 Grandson Sammy testing out my vintage baby scales

I bought these baby scales a couple of years ago from Wayne, a friend of mine from the bottle and collectables club. He was clearing out a lot of accumulated collectables before moving house and said I could come and see if there was anything amongst them that I might be interested in.

It was a very hot day. Karen and I had spent an hour or so looking around his shed picking bottles, etc to buy. As we were packing our pickings I began to feel quite faint and almost passed out because of the intense heat. So we sat down for a while in the cool of Wayne's bar-b-que area to recover. While we were talking I spied these baby scales sitting on top of his bar-b-que. I said to Wayne, "Are they a set of old baby scales?" He confirmed that they were and wanted to know if I was interested in them. Of course I said "I might be." After all being a mad collector of baby feeders, I was always on the lookout for any other related items to enhance my collection. Needless to say a deal was soon struck after confirming that the scales were complete and in full working order. They were then loaded into the boot of our car along with all the other goodies I had picked. It turned out to be a most successful day. Thanks Wayne.

Anyone else got some stuff they would like me to look at for them? Just drop me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Adjusting the scales - thank goodness for a happy, placid baby
I believe these ELLISCO scales were made by an Australian company based in Bligh Street, Sydney. At least that is as far as I can make out from the partly damaged label. Not sure where Wayne got them from but he may have said they came from a chemist shop in a Brisbane suburb maybe like Alderley. The scales are a little shabby in appearance (which may be OK as this look seems to be in fashion these days). Who knows, one day I may decide to restore them to their former glory.

Oh, and by the way Sammy weighed in at 14lbs 10&3/4 ozs. He was three months old at the time.

My sweet little Sammy
A little tickle and Sammy is all smiles
Sammy's Mummy, Daddy and big brother Max watching Grandpa play with the scales 

I wonder if I could use Sammy as a 'Go With' on my Baby Feeder display at this years Queensland Historical Bottle and Collectables Club show in September? I haven't read anything in the rules to say no live exhibits. Might have to sedate him though for the day and his Mummy and Daddy mightn't like that. Oh well it was just a thought.

Note:  For those who don't collect and show bottles, a 'Go With' is an item that is not a bottle but is used to enhance a bottle display, i.e.. it goes with the bottles. It should have a close relationship with the bottles on display. For example I might show some vintage breast pumps alongside a Baby Feeding Bottle display or my pharmacists prescription book, that was featured in an earlier post, with my Chemist Dispensing Bottles which I will be showing at this years show.

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