Tuesday 29 May 2012

Australian Pokerwork

Found a few interesting items at the Dayboro Day Antiques & Collectables Fair on the weekend.  At least I think they are interesting.  I managed to pick up these three pieces of pokerwork from the one stall.  These are the first pieces of pokerwork that I have ever owned so I was very happy with the purchase.  I was only going to buy the vase but the stall holder kept bringing the prices down until the asking price for all three pieces was too good to pass up.

The waratah vase measures 15.5cm high and 10cm in diameter

The vase is a real piece of Australiana with its nicely worked waratah flower design.  I have seen a number of different Australian designs on this exact same shape and size vase.  Very happy to have this as my first item in my Australian Pokerwork collection.

Uh Oh!  Does this mean I have started a new collection?  Maybe I'll be satisfied with just three pieces (and pigs might fly as well!).  At least Karen likes these pieces as well.
Love the rich colour

The comport (or at least that was what the dealer said it was) doesn't have a specific Australian design on it but does have a lovely deep brown colour (actually a lot deeper than shown in the photos).  Also, the decoration is not as high a standard as that on the vase but still very pleasing in a naive sort of folk art way.

The comport measures 24.5cm across and 13cm high. 

Looks like a crack in the edge but is only a part of deep engraving 

I like the line decoration on the edge

The cutting board has an even more naive design but lovely rich colours.  It must have taken someone quite some time to do all the stippled decoration around the bunches of cherries (if that's what they are).

The cutting board measures 25cm across

I like the way the centre of the board comes out for cleaning and also to protect the decorative work

Alan Carter has an interesting article about pokerwork on his ABC Treasure Hunt website.


  1. For some unfathomable reason I find these pieces very pleasing. Maybe it is the very homely style and I can imagine someone with not a lot of money taking great pride in making such beauty to be used in a practical everyday way. I think we have lost a lot with our reliance on ready made to bring joy to our lives. Jenny

  2. I agree with you Jenny. The vase was probably commercially made and decorated but I believe the cutting board would have been bought as a blank and decorated at home as a labour of love. Not sure about the comport. I am liking these items more and more every time I look at them.


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