Friday 28 June 2013

My Garden Angel

Just like the birdhouses, this is not really a historical collectable but rather something that I have created to decorate my garden. Maybe one day someone might see it as being worthy to be included as part of a folk art collection. Wouldn't that be nice? This angel is only the first, of what I see as many, that I plan to make.  (Hmm, do I see a potential business opportunity developing here? Maybe you would like to order one from me).

I chose to add a rusty star garland to the head of the angel with three more rusty stars on her chest.

She also has a single rusty star hanging from her hands.

My angel is wearing a blue dress with cream wings and face  

My angel looked as though she was ready to soar into the heavens once she was attached to the fence. At least that's what I think.

I plan to make some more angels of different sizes and designs for my garden in the near future. Don't want her to be lonely, do we?


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