Tuesday 23 April 2013

More Australian Mulga Wood

A few more pieces of Australian Mulga Wood have been added to my collection recently. One from the last Collectorama of 2012 and two from the first Aladdins Fair for 2013. These three pieces are all desk accessories. This seems to be one of the most popular uses of mulga wood.

In my last post about mulga wood, I made mention of a South Australian company using the politically incorrect brand name of "ABO BRAND" back in the 1930s. This first ink stand is actually from this very company. I bought this one from Collectorama.

"ABO BRAND" inks stand. The finish is a little dull and could do with a good polish.

This ink stand has it's original liner in the inkwell. These are often missing.

Nice "MULGA WOOD ABO BRAND" transfer on the underside.

The next inkstand looks as though it has never been used. Probably given as a gift and put away in a cupboard many years ago. It has two inkwells and some pen rests. I found this one, along with a mulga wood blotter, on a stall at Alladins about a month ago. I wasn't planning to buy anymore mulga wood items but the beautiful condition of this inkstand and blotter proved too tempting.

Mulga wood double ink stand and blotter.

Mulga wood double ink stand by "THE MANNA DESERT TREE"

Each ink well should have a liner to hold the ink. Unfortunately one liner is missing from this ink stand.

"THE MANNA DESERT TREE" transfer brand mark on the underside of the double inkstand.

Mulga wood blotter by "RYANS Australian Mulga"

"RYANS Australian Mulga" brand transfer on the underside of the blotter

The Australian War Memorial has a pair of RYAN Australian Mulga wood bookends in their collection. They can be seen here.

Will I buy any more mulga wood? Probably yes, if I come across something different and in great condition. We'll just have to wait and see.

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